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If ever I'm bored or indecisive after 6pm on a Friday I will visit my refrigerator and grab one of its beers. Then I'll hit up one of my friends to hang. I'm a big beers and friends guy.

But when I was new to Glendale, California, I didn't have any non-work-related friends. So when 6pm came around, I opened up a beer and wondered "What's a guy to do without any friends?"

Laying puzzled on my bed staring at an undecorated wall, I snapped a photo to befriend the moment's boredom.


Brilliant, I know, I know.


Entertaining the boredom, my thoughts began interacting with one another like roommates who discovered unexpected camaraderie piecing together a puzzle.  


"Maybe I should buy something to put on my wall... I wonder if I could personalize a giant scorecard that would track the progress of certain facets of my life..." 

The puzzle is still piecing together. 

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