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Calorie Density: Guess how many cups of strawberries equal two pints of ice cream?

Updated: Feb 22

In this video I read an excerpt from Dr. Greger's book titled 'How Not to Diet' about eating foods low in calorie density.

Main Points:

  • Fruits and vegetables have tremendous health benefits, but they are also high in water density and low in calorie density, so if you my make a conscious effort to eat them you'll be less full and prone to eating less.

  • Two pints of strawberry ice cream (equal to one stomach full) is the equivalent of eating 44 cups of berries (equal to eleven stomach fulls). Both are 2,000 calories.


"Obese individuals don't necessarily eat a greater weight of food, but the foods they choose do tend to have more calories per mouthful. So excess intake may have more to do with food quality than quantity. Overeating may be less about consuming an abnormal amount of food and more about consuming an abnormal type of food: meals that are unnaturally dense in calories.

...A single stomach full of strawberry ice cream, about two pints, could max out our caloric intake for an entire day. What if you wanted to get those same 2000 or so calories from strawberries themselves? You'd have to eat 44 cups of strawberries. That's 11 stomach fools.

As delicious as strawberries are, I don't think I could fill my stomach to bursting 11 times a day. Some foods are just impossible to overeat. They are so low in calorie density that you just couldn't physically eat a big enough quantity to maintain your weight."

End of excerpt.

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